I have been asked to create a 3D model of a local church showing it in its various forms over the past centuries, in order to project it on to the actual building to create an augmented rality display.
The base mesh is in progress.


ams3D has been asked by WitneyTV to create animations to act as headers for their local news stories. The brief was to begin with the WiteneyTV logo, fade out to a map of the area covered by Witney TV and then zoom into each of the locations on the map.
The finals have been approved and are being used on the site.


I decided to see what the back-end of Twitter was like and so wrote an application using Twitter's API in C#. Whilst nothing astounding, it does what it's supposed to! At present it retrieve's tweets, friends lists, and allows you to jump between User timelines as well as search for users and public tweets. If I decide to work on it further, I will look to introduce features such as making a tweet a favourite and display embedded images / avatars.


After completing bit of festive image manipulation (I was asked to create Christmas baubles and wrap still shots from festive films on to them) I have gone back to a project I have already been working on for a few months.
A client has asked me to design and write a slideshow application which is to be used by the general public allowing them to select a batch of images and have them display sequentially on a projected screen. A full description of the application is in the News section.
I have decided to use a separately written application (written using Microsoft XNA) to run the slideshow and have the main application (written in C#) pass the images to be viewed.
Whilst this involved additional an additional workload it produces a much smoother slideshow as the XNA application can take advantage of graphics card processing more powerfully than C# alone.


I have finished the planes and created a landscape simulating the White Cliffs of Dover. The final image is on the Images page of the site. I am now going to mainly focus on working on the applications I have underway, however I do intened to create some generic models to package with my completed Model Viewer so that a demo version can be made available for clients to evaluate.


The spitfire is finished, now I'm on to doing its companions, the Hurricane and the Lancaster. Yes, I know the Lancaster shouldn't really be included in the memorial, but its tradition! I also think its a fantastic looking aeroplane, so history will be adapted for artistic purpose.


The Model Viewer GUI is complete! I have finished both the loader application which allows the user to choose which models to load, in which order and also save and recall lists.
I have also finished writing an installer using NSIS. This allows easy installation of the main application and I have also scripted an installer for the individual models to allow additional models to be added at a later date.


I have begun work on the application which will allow the user to decide which models to load in the Viewer application.  
The user will also be able to save and load lists of models once they have chosen, allowing them to make a collection of lists for quicker use.
Once the appropriate list is loaded or created, the applciation will launch the Viewer program with the user's chosen models.