The image of the living room was completely constructed inside of Maya and rendered out using Mental Ray with final gather.

The base mesh for this model was created in Maya. Detailing and texturing was done in ZBrush. The final render was completed using Mental Ray.

New technology devices modelled in Maya and textured in Photoshop. Rendered with Mental Ray.

The modelling of the aeroplane was done in Maya. Photoshop was used for texturing. The clouds were created in Vue xStream and the scene rendered with Mental Ray using final gather and a single directional light. Post effects were applied in Photoshop

The lanscape and atmosphere were created in Vue xStream. Models were created in Maya and textured using Photoshop. The image was rendered out inside of Maya using Mental Ray.

The above rendering is an early version of Cobb Hall in Burford as it would look today. The building was demolished and the model was created using a hand-drawn sketch from 1891 and other local buildings whihc have survived to today as reference. Modelling done in Maya, texturing in Photoshop. Rendered with Mental Ray.