Latest Client Request
I was asked by the good guys at Caskstrength to create the packaging for their new blend of whisky which has been given its own webpage 3D Whisky (as well as a rather spiffing video from the creators of the whisky!) It consists of a downloadable packaging designed to be created on a 3D printer and can bee seen in all its glory here!

I was asked to re-create a 3D rendition of an old hall which was demolished over a hundered years ago from an artists sketch made in the 1880s. This was to be published in a work detailing history of the local area. The model has been finalised and rendered out. A quick render is shown on the Images page

Model Viewer News
I have recently been working on an application using the XNA developer to enable the displayof 3D models with full texture mapping, normal mapping and adjustable lighting.
The application in itself is working and allows up to 100 meshes to be loaded. I have now finished the loader application which allows the user to arrange the available models in a list to view in the main application. The installer applications for both the main Viewer application and also for the additional model content allowing the user to install only the models they require and add additional models as desired have also been completed.

Photo Viewer News
I have been asked by a local gallery to write an application to allow their clients to scroll through selections of images in a clear and easy to use fashion by means of a touch-screen monitor. The images are to be projected on a large screen. This on-going application is now a two part program. The main interface with which the user will interact as a locked down browser allowing the member of the public to select from a list of folders containing any images the Gallery wishes to include. The Gallery will be able to alter the application settings such as colour schemes and use a custom written image size optimiser, the public interface has been designed to be very intuative and completely locked down so the Gallery can run the application without fear of anyone altering the application or accessing the underlying operating system.
The second part of the application is a separate program which has been designed to slide images smoothly accross the screen, which is run seamlessly when the user chooses. After the slideshow completes, the main application returns.

3D Work in Progress
I am in the process of creating a collection of demo objects which can be shipped with the Model Viewer to illustrate to potential clients the kind of speed and detail that the Model Viewer can supply and allow them to use it for themselves on their own system.

3D Scripting
I am currently putting the finalising details to a mel script for Maya which assigns a unique solid colour to each object in the scene to make a mask layer. This, when opened in an image or video editing application, will allow for colour correction, blur, depth of field etc. manipulation on a per object basis